FIBRE REINFORCED POLYMERS – Steinbeis-Zertifikatslehrgang

With the certification cource „ Fibre Reinforced Polymers“ the German Aerospace Academy  ASA and the Steinbeis University Berlin want to contribute to the innovation capacity of  German companies and their competitiveness internationally. Specialists from the international well known research Institute for Textile and Process Technology (ITV) in Denkendorf impart fundamental knowledge on materials, production methods and structural design for the successful marketing of this new and challenging class of products. [...]

Successful TransNetAero Final Event on 15th June 2015

The final event of the TransNetAero project was successfully held at the Ambassade de Belgique in Paris on 15. June 2015. Surrounded by a scenic atmosphere, participants from Aerospace regions all over Europe had a final chance to listen to interesting talks and get in contact with each other. During this event the TransNetAero Awarding Ceremony also took place. Results and lessons learned of TransNetAero have been presented by Prof. [...]

2015/06/23 – LRBW Workshop

LRBW Workshop: Adaption of strategic business plans in the aerospace industry based on Tier 1 requirements The changing supply chain within the aerospace industry is opening up opportunities as well as challenges. Living up to those potentials and new requirements will determine suppliers’ future success. The Forum Aerospace Baden Württemberg offers a workshop aiming to target those opportunities and challenges by bringing together Tier 1 system provider and respective Tier [...]

SAVE THE DATE – TransNetAero Final Event 15 June 2015

SAVE THE DATE -  TNA Final Event 15 June 2015 The final TNA event will be held at the Ambassade de Belgique, 274 bd St Germain in Paris, France on June 15. —————————————————————————————————————————————————– On the occasion of the closure of the Transnetaero project, the Managing director of AWEX Pascale Delcomminette requests the pleasure of your company for a walking cocktail-dinner reception In the presence of: The president of the Haute-Normandie [...]

Umzug der ASA ins Steinbeis-Haus für Management und Technologie (SHMT)

Die German Aerospace Academy zieht ins Steinbeis-Haus für Management und Technologie (SHMT).Im Mai können Sie uns in neuer Umgebung erreichen. Unsere neuen Koordinaten: German Aerospace Academy (ASA)Filderhauptstr. 14270599 Stuttgart Tel: +49 (0)711 451001 11Fax: +49 (0)711 451001 41