AVIATION MANAGEMENT – Qualification as Aviation Manager – New Certificate Course in September 2016!



2016/09/05 - 2016/09/09 |




regular participants: 4.900 CHF; supporter CFAC-HSG: 4.600 CHF


The aviation industry is dependent on the big customers such as Airbus and Boeing. The aviation supply chain is represented over several tiers. Over these different tier suppliers profits are shared and especially from tier 3 and back cost pressure is very high.

But the aviation industry is not only a challenging one from the market and cost perspective over all the tiers, but it is also a strongly regulated industry. Barriers to enter this industry are high, because of certifications which are demanded by the regulator for all technologies, products and components that are supplied to the aviation industry. With this come complex and costly certification processes, risk management processes, quality management processes, etc. Managers need to have outstanding project management skills to efficiently handle these complex processes.

Target Audience
Managers, engineers or technicians in research, production, manufacturing, services and management positions.

This course will focus exactly on the above mentioned challenges and include the following topics:
•    Aviation Governance
•    Certification Management
•    EU/ EASA Regulation
•    Leadership and Human Resource Management
•    Project Management
•    Quality Management
•    Risk Management

Module 1: Project Management, Leadership and Human Resource Management (1 day)
-    Project management in aviation
-    How to set up an efficient project management process
-    Leadership
-    Human Resource Management

Module 2: Aviation Governance and Risk Management (1 day)
-    Basics and overview of aviation governance
-    Implementation and optimization of aviation governance
-    Basics and overview of risk management
-    Implementation and optimization of risk management

Module 3: Quality Management (1 day)
-    Introduction and overview
-    Quality management frameworks TQM, EFQM and ISO
-    Quality management process implementation

Module 4: Certification Management I (1 day)
-    Overview on EU Regulation
-    EASA regulation
-    Understand importance of regulation in the aviation industry

Module 5: Certification Management II (1 day)
-    Overview on certification processes
-    Certification process set-up
-    Certification process implementation

Knowledge Transfer Project
Following to the course each participant works on knowledge transfer project to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in the seminars. One of the course instructors sets the task for the project and acts as supervisor. The knowledge transfer project is documented in a short written report and presented on a workshop few weeks after the course.

Course Procedure
The certificate course includes 5 days of seminars at the University of St. Gallen. A one-hour written test will be administered on Saturday morning after the last seminar day. Seminars contain lecture, group and single exercises, workshops as well as case study work to ensure practical application next to theoretical understanding.


Upon successful completion and passing of the test, participants are awarded a certificate by the Steinbeis University Berlin and receive an attendance confirmation by the Center for Aviation Competence of the  University of St. Gallen. In addition, 6 internationally accepted ECTS credit points are awarded by the Steinbeis University Berlin. Grading is based on the written test and the knowledge transfer project.

Admission Requirements
•    Bachelor’s degree in management, economics or engineering
•    At least two years of work experience

Course objectives
Become a practical expert at managing risks, certification processes, quality processes and manage projects and human resources effectively under an efficient governance structure.

Benefits for the participant
•    Be able to handle big aviation projects as a project manager.
•    Be able to complete a risk project.
•    Be able to manage a certification process.
•    Understand quality management and how to enable it in practice.

Benefits for the company
•    Have employees / managers that understand the specifics of aviation management in practice.
•    Have employees / managers who understand the regulation behind certification.
•    Have employees / managers who manage risks and quality processes in teams.

Course instructors
Prof. Dr. Roland Müller
Lawyer, Professor for Private- und Business law as well as Air law at the University of St. Gallen.
Alexandria of Roland Müller

Dr. Andreas Wittmer
Managing Director of the Center for Aviation Competence at the University of St. Gallen, Senior Lecturer at the University of St. Gallen, the Module University Vienna, University of Applied Sciences in Chur and Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur.
Alexandria of Andreas Wittmer

Joel Hencks
Managing Director, AeroEx GmbH, official Partner of the Center for Aviation Competence at the University of St. Gallen.
More about AeroEx

Dr. Michel Guillaume
Head of Center Aviation, Zurich University of Applied Sciences.
Alexandria of Michel Guillaume

Course language is English.

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