AVIPEO – First social network for the aviation community!

To enhance further networking and sustainable collaborations, the AVIPEO platform was established. It is a platform similar to Linked-in, but exclusively for Aerospace People

The platform is not only offering to enter ones affiliation and find contacts or be active in different interest groups. It is one of the first platforms which enables to find Aerospace people in real time. E.g. one can enter AVIPEO by smart phone while waiting for a plane at an airport and immediately see, if other AVIPEO people are nearby. A possible exchange among them is supported by this. The networking for TransNetAero has become more dynamic and efficient by AVIPEO.

The design of the AVIPEO takes into account criteria the TransNetAero cluster managers developed. An effort has been made to merge the original AVIPEO platform to the interest of the Trans NetAero cluster manager, especially in terms of innovation, organization and IP management systems. Furthermore, AVIPEO will be free to use.

Be also a part of the aviation community and join AVIPEO under www.avipeo.com/

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