AVIATION MANAGEMENT – Qualification as Aviation Manager – New Certificate Course in September 2016!

The aviation industry is dependent on the big customers such as Airbus and Boeing. The aviation supply chain is represented over several tiers. Over these different tier suppliers profits are shared and especially from tier 3 and back cost pressure is very high. But the aviation industry is not only a challenging one from the market and cost perspective over all the tiers, but it is also a strongly regulated [...]


Bei Interesse oder Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an———————————————————————————————————————————————————— Die Methoden des Configuration Management (CM) wurden ursprünglich in der Luft- und Raumfahrt im Zuge der Entwicklung komplexer Produkte wie Raketen und Flugzeuge entwickelt. Inzwischen nutzen aber immer mehr Unternehmen in den verschiedensten Branchen CM, um den kompletten Lebenszyklus ihrer Produkte zu überwachen. CM versteht sich hier als eine Art roter Faden im Produkt Lebenszyklus. Die Richtlinien für CM sind [...]

AVIPEO – First social network for the aviation community!

To enhance further networking and sustainable collaborations, the AVIPEO platform was established. It is a platform similar to Linked-in, but exclusively for Aerospace People The platform is not only offering to enter ones affiliation and find contacts or be active in different interest groups. It is one of the first platforms which enables to find Aerospace people in real time. E.g. one can enter AVIPEO by smart phone while waiting [...]

FIBRE REINFORCED POLYMERS – Steinbeis-Zertifikatslehrgang

With the certification cource „ Fibre Reinforced Polymers“ the German Aerospace Academy  ASA and the Steinbeis University Berlin want to contribute to the innovation capacity of  German companies and their competitiveness internationally. Specialists from the international well known research Institute for Textile and Process Technology (ITV) in Denkendorf impart fundamental knowledge on materials, production methods and structural design for the successful marketing of this new and challenging class of products. [...]

Successful TransNetAero Final Event on 15th June 2015

The final event of the TransNetAero project was successfully held at the Ambassade de Belgique in Paris on 15. June 2015. Surrounded by a scenic atmosphere, participants from Aerospace regions all over Europe had a final chance to listen to interesting talks and get in contact with each other. During this event the TransNetAero Awarding Ceremony also took place. Results and lessons learned of TransNetAero have been presented by Prof. [...]