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Specialists from industry and research institutions, with extensive expertise and experience in the field of Polymer Composites will share their detailed knowledge of the various aspects of polymer composites design and manufacturing. The course will cover most essential areas on the topic, presented in a balanced combination of theory in the form of seminars and practice in the form of hands-on training. Following an introduction to the various aspects of composite materials, composite mechanics theory will be presented and applied in practical exercises. Various manufacturing methods will be discussed, followed by practical manufacturing exercises on thermoplastic composites. Composites design and assembly guidelines, as well as fracture and testing and inspection are dealt in separate classes. Finally, a broad range of current and future aerospace composite case studies in industry will be presented.

Target Audience

The course is intended for technicians and/or engineers, with a technical background at Bachelor’s degree level or equivalent relevant experience. No specific pre-existing polymer composite know-how is required, though affinity with the course material and related industry will largely benefit the learning outcome.


Module 1: Composite Introduction and Mechanics (1 day)

  • Current Ins and Outs of composite material, design and manufacturing.
  • Basic Composite Mechanics
  • Micromechanics and lamination theory

Module 2: Composite Mechanics Practical and Manufacturing (1 day)

  • Application of the basic composite mechanics: examples and exercises
  • Structured overview of the current composite manufacturing technology

Module 3: Composite Manufacturing Practical and Design (1 day)

  • Lab practical on thermoplastic composite materials and manufacturing
  • Introduction into ThermoPlastic composite Research Center (TPRC) facilities
  • Composite specific design guidelines

Module 4: Composite Fracture and Assembly (1 day)

  • Composites failure behaviour
  • Basic mechanics
  • Design guidelines for assembly

Module 5: Composite Testing, Inspection and Case Studies (1 day)

  • Thermo-mechanical testing
  • Composite specific inspection techniques
  • Case studies of aerospace composites in industry

Knowledge Transfer Project

Following to the course each participant works on a knowledge transfer project in his or her company to apply the knowledge gained in the seminars. The content of the project shall be an actual task from the daily work of the participant. One of the course instructors is a supervisor for the project. The knowledge transfer project is documented in a short written report and to be sent to the instructors for evaluation.

Course Procedure

The certificate course includes 5 days of seminars, in the training rooms of TPRC. A one-hour written test will be administered a few weeks after the seminar. Seminars contain lecture, group and single exercises as well as case studies with high practical relevance.


Upon successful completion and passing of the test, participants are awarded a certificate by the Steinbeis University Berlin. In addition, 5 internationally accepted ECTS credit points are awarded. Grading is based on the written test and the knowledge transfer project.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent degree.

Course objectives

Become a practical expert in

  1. selection of suitable materials and manufacturing processes for composite applications
  2. relevant aspects for composite applications, in terms of design and performance evaluation
  3. existing and future composite applications in aerospace industry
  4. judging the relevance of composite materials for potential applications

Benefits for the participant

After this course, the participant will be capable of making a preliminary selection of suitable materials and manufacturing processes for composite applications. He/she will have a general idea on the relevant aspects for composite applications, in terms of design and performance evaluation.

Benefits for the company

The company will get a variety of opportunities to run new product developments by well trained employees with a broad overview of existing and future composite applications in aerospace industry, that are capable of judging the relevance of composite materials for potential applications.

Course instructors

Dr. ir. Laurent Warnet

Assistant professor at the University of Twente, The Netherlands, over 15 years of lecturing and research experience on composite materials

Dr. ir. Wouter Grouve

Chief researcher at TPRC, The Netherlands, specialist in tape laying and other thermoplastic manufacturing and testing methods.

Dr. Irene Fernandez Villegas

Assistant professor at University of Delft, The Netherlands, expert in thermoplastic composite joining techniques.

Dr. ir Ferrie van Hattum

Professor of lightweight structures at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, over 15 years of lecturing and research experience on thermoplastic composite materials

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